Remco Braas

designer & Concept developer


CMD corporate identity

I have made a new responsive web design for the site of the Study Communication and Multimedia Design (CMD). Check it out Here!

Allergie tag

Allergy Tag is an app for people with one or more food allergies. Our team has researched this target audience. We found out that these people often purchase the same products. For more information click Here!

Vroom foundation technology

Vroom is one of the largest companies in the Netherlands in the foundation technology. One of the managers has asked me to design a flyer for their picnic basket action. For more information click Here!

Pink Ribbon

I have been commissioned to create an interactive installation for Pink Ribbon. I've been researching about Pink Ribbon and breast cancer. About 1 to 7 women will get breast cancer in the future. Check it out Here!

Felice Home of Brands

We got the assignment to reinvent retail for Felice Home of Brands. I worked in a team to perform this assignment. In this team I was the visual designer and project manager.More info click Here!


I took a photography course during my study. During this course I have learned to deal with an SLR camera. I also learned a lot about the different photography techniques, and how to edit a photo in Abobe lightroom. Check the result out Here!


Because am also very interested in moving image I followed an animation course. During this course I made an animation of a character. Check out the result Here!

Shaping text

I got the assignment to design three texts for web written by Max Molovich. I have done research into the visual sphere words that I have linked to the text.Check it out Here!